Walkthrough – Decoding Desire – Takamasa Isumi (Ongoing)

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Chapter 1: A Program & A Heart

Scenario 2

“I’s there anything I can help with?”
“I’d like to observe.” (+5)
“I’ll come back later.”

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario (Need 5+ Affection)

1.07  Mr. Isumi Special Extra 1 – 90 Platinum

Scenario 8

“I’m sorry.” (+5)
“Defective? Of course not!” (+3)
“I’m good.”

Scenario 13

“I’m speachless.”
“That’s just rude!” (+5)
“That’s pretty mean!” 

1.14 Mr. Isumi Special Extra 2 – 180 Platinum

Chapter 2: The Mind Of An Android With The Heart Of A Human

Scenario 1 – Special Scenario + CG (Need 15+ Affection)

Scenario 4

“It’s not as bad as you think.”
“Is that how it looks?”
“Yes…”  (+5)

Scenario 6

 “are you angry?”
“I’m sorry!”  (+5)
“a slip of the tongue.”

Scenario 7 – Appeal Check (Need ? Love Experience)

2.09 Mr. Isumi Special Extra 3 – 180 Platinum

Scenario 12

 “I’m actually glad.” (+5)
“Is it really okay?”
“I’m quite surprised.”

Chapter 3: With Brusqueness, Lies Gentleness

Scenario 1

 “They’re not alike at all.”
“He has a younger sister.”
“She’s such a cute sister.” (+5)

Extra Treasure Chapter 3: 03 (Need a Key)
It can only be done on your second playthrough, after acquiring a key.

Scenario 6 – Special Scenario (Need 35+ Affection)

Scenario 7

 “keeping an eye on me?” (+5)
“casually making fun of me?”
“What the hell is he saying?!” 

Scenario 9 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Dark Ash Green Eyes (Charm +65) – 250 Platinum
Normal: White Silver Antique Hand Mirror (Charm +25) – 100 Platinum/2000 Love Points

Scenario 14

“I try to think of an excuse.”
“He’s misunderstood things…”
“I’ll explain why.”  (+5)

Chapter 4: A Heart That’s Started To Tilt

Extra Treasure Chapter 4: 03 (Need a Key)
It can only be done on your second playthrough, after acquiring a key.

Scenario 4 – Avatar Trial
Premium:  Beautiful Japanese Garden View From The Training Hall (Charm +120) – 450 Platinum
Normal: Chic Gold Japanese-style Handbag (Charm +50) – 200 Platinum/4000 Love Points

Scenario 5

“I’m going to him.”
“I call out.”
“I’ll just watch how things go.”  (+5)



Chapter 5:




Chapter 6:




Chapter 7:




Chapter 8:




Chapter 9:




Chapter 10:




Chapter 11: 




“Decoding Desire” has two happy endings! Both the “On The Morrow END” and “Ever After END”, come with an Epilogue Gacha and Epilogue scenario. Both stories are different, but the amount of chapters are the same.


On The Morrow END – Requires 165+ Affection
Ever After END – Requires 165+ Affection


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Hard Times

Hello, stranger! This post is going to be a little bit different. 

“Nobody is perfect.” We tell that ourselves all the time, but do we truly believe in those words? Probably not, but we should. We all have some kind of flaw and there is no denying. So, why is it so hard to accept it!? I don’t have the answer and I won’t ever know it, but that’s just fine. I’m trying to live my imperfect life the best I know and can.

The way we should live our lives

It’s not easy to live in a world where everything is based around looks. I’m not the most prettiest girl in the world, but I like to think that I not ugly either. Most people judge you for your looks, that’s a fact, but don’t let them discourage you. I truly believe that inner beauty is the most important thing. So, I think that you are beautiful, yes, you stranger, you are beautiful to me and don’t ever forget that!

I know I’m not perfect and that’s fine with me. I am aware that I have some kind of anxiety disorder and it’s hard sometimes. I have days when I don’t want to go outside because I may have to talk to people and I’m always tired. I push myself in those situations to go against it. I take walks in crowded places and motivate myself to do all sorts of things which are anxiety triggers. I usually have it under control with music (I do everything with music, life looks much brighter with it) or an audio book. I just finished Felicia Day’s  book “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)” and I truly recommend it to anyone with anxiety or if  you are into gaming, you should definitely listen to it.

“Those stairs is where I’ll be hiding all my problems…” – TØP

Back to the main story of this post. So, I get very nerves around new people and they usually talk about themes of which I have no interest or I never heard of. I hate it when they start to talk about things what’ve happened to them because I wasn’t there, I feel left out and finally I end up silent. I try to communicate, I really do, but my brain just goes wild in those situations and I have no control over it. I should probably go to a psychiatric to talk about all my problems, but I am afraid that he will find out some other bigger issues. Someday, I will definitely go, but for now I will continue my struggles, until I gether some more courage. Till then, I won’t let my demons take control over my life!

Random cat pictures…
So that you feel better

Sometimes I feel depressed (everyone does), but in those situations I feel like I’m all alone in this world and I have nobody to rely on. I know that’s not true! I tell myself: “You have your lovely family and friends! You are not alone!”, but then I realise. I’m alone in my 2x2m room with my pet hamster. My family moved away and my friends too. – “You are all alone in Croatia.” The truth is I really am alone, but I know they moved because they had to if they wanted a better life. My depressing thoughts start to grow and grow….luckly I always snap out of it with music. In those situations I listen to TWENTY ØNE PILØTS because their music gives me courage and motivation to not give up and to try harder.

“Hard Times” – Paramore

There is a song which describes my life perfectly. It’s called Fake Happy by Paramore. I fake my happiness in front of others, because I don’t want them to worry and burden them even more. I’m always the happy-go-lucky person in my family and that’s something that isn’t supposed to change. So I act, I’m doing this for so long that now it comes almost naturally, but I’m still faking it. It’s hard, but I have to do it because everyone expects so much from me and they sacrificed so much for me already and I can’t be a hassle to them. This isn’t a healthy relationship which I have with myself, but it’s the only way I know. I should stop being fake happy, but it’s easier this way for everybody else.

Now that I wrote this, I realised, I’m pretty messed up. I just hope you learned something of all this, at least that there are others who don’t have it easy either, but don’t give up. Don’t let you inner demons win, don’t let them take control over your life!


 If you have any questions, requests, noticed mistakes or something is on your mind, feel free to contact me or comment down below.  So, have fun and stay awesome!


First blog post

I wanted to start this post with “Good day”, but at the moment of genius, I realized that this could be read at night or in the early morning, so we will skip the greeting.

I am new to the blogger world, but I hope I will learn everything I need to know quickly. I started this blog simply for fun and to share my joy with other people who are also crazy about otome as me! (^o^)/ I will write about Otome Games, my travels and fun storys that happend to me.


The things you need to know:

I like a good piece of tomato, mayonnaise and chocolate (not necessarly in that order)…And ćevapi, and in the case if my mom reads this – I like carrots, apples, broccoli, tea and I eat soup every day.

I like the snow, but of course I don’t like to freeze to death, like all people. I really like music, whatever I do, I do it with music. ^^

What else? The fuel is too expensive, the taxes are rising all the time, long live the reruns of Friends, the batterys on the cellphones last too short, the weather is also crazy. And without further ado, I will see you soon in my next post! What can you expect in future posts? – A lot of things. Is there a lot of talking? – Just enough, maybe I’ll throw a joke, I say MAYBE. If you have any questions, requests, noticed mistakes or something is on your mind, feel free to contact me.  So, have fun and stay awesome!


…And now I just remembered that at the beginning I could’ve greeted you with “Hello”. I’m obviously not the smartest person in the world. See you soon!