First blog post

I wanted to start this post with “Good day”, but at the moment of genius, I realized that this could be read at night or in the early morning, so we will skip the greeting.

I am new to the blogger world, but I hope I will learn everything I need to know quickly. I started this blog simply for fun and to share my joy with other people who are also crazy about otome as me! (^o^)/ I will write about Otome Games, my travels and fun storys that happend to me.


The things you need to know:

I like a good piece of tomato, mayonnaise and chocolate (not necessarly in that order)…And ćevapi, and in the case if my mom reads this – I like carrots, apples, broccoli, tea and I eat soup every day.

I like the snow, but of course I don’t like to freeze to death, like all people. I really like music, whatever I do, I do it with music. ^^

What else? The fuel is too expensive, the taxes are rising all the time, long live the reruns of Friends, the batterys on the cellphones last too short, the weather is also crazy. And without further ado, I will see you soon in my next post! What can you expect in future posts? – A lot of things. Is there a lot of talking? – Just enough, maybe I’ll throw a joke, I say MAYBE. If you have any questions, requests, noticed mistakes or something is on your mind, feel free to contact me.  So, have fun and stay awesome!


…And now I just remembered that at the beginning I could’ve greeted you with “Hello”. I’m obviously not the smartest person in the world. See you soon!